clod ball diff

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clod ball diff

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Anyone running a set of ball diffs ? If so what brand and how do you like them??

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Re: clod ball diff

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Not many options on those.

Thorpe made them years ago. Mip/Thundertech copied the thorp several years ago. Integy also copied it and sold them for a short time.

They are hard to find now.

They work ok. Although they are hard to maintain. They come loose easy and you have to take the gearbox apart to adjust them. They didn't work as well in a race trucks because it would limit the steering. I ran one last year in Vegas to help flip the truck over if I rolled. I didn't run one this year and didn't see any difference.

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Re: clod ball diff

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Very much agree, I ran Thorps when they were first released back in the day (early 90s)
I was so happy when I got them and even happier when I tossed them.
I have a set of new in package MIPs but I'll just save them for a rainy day.