no steering

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no steering

Post by greenlantern » Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:18 pm

just received my flysky fs-gt2 remote i have the throttle dialed in to work propperly but i can not get any steering working on my clodbuster was wondering if there is a website to make sure i have the steering servo plugged in propperly ?

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Re: no steering

Post by darat76 » Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:38 am

That could be possible, generally servos come with 2 sets of wire colors, white, red, black, or orange, red, brown. (least that's the 2 color lots I've come across)

The middle, or red, wire is always positive, the darkest color, black and brown in the above color groups, is the negative, and the final light colored wire, white and orange, is the signal wire.

If your servo plugs are of the guide flange style, it is impossible to plug it in wrong, if your plug doesn't have this, it is possible, but difficult to plug it in backwards.
There should be symbols in line with the prongs of the plug points in the rx, one style will look like a digital signal wave (or square S like shape on it's side), a + and a - symbol, or it could have a plain S for signal, P for positive, and N for negative.
If the plug is in correctly then you need to check that it is in the right spot, some rx's will have notes saying steering, throttle, aux, batt. others will just have channel 1-xx, steering is always channel 1, throttle is always channel 2.

Next is a check of the settings on the tx.
pretty sure that model has the flip up panel on the top at the back of the radio. under that lid you'll find 3 dials, from memory the first one on the left side is steering trim, with the middle one being throttle trim, and the final right side one being called something like steering rate, check that dial, if it's pointing at the lowest number in numerical order (can't remember if it starts at 0 or 1) then turn it to 5 and try, if it works, turn that dial up or down while testing full steering lock one way or the other, until you have max steering without the servo trying to over turn, if you run the car with the servo trying to turn past the steering travel limit you will burn it out.

If the above doesn't solve your problem, then it's time for the servo. First would be to unplug the servo from the rx it's on, and hook into another rx you know to be good and for the same tx, be sure to plug it in correctly, if it works, you know the servo is good, and that there is a problem with the rx, if it doesn't work, the servo has died, or is not getting power or signal through the wires.

If you don't have a spare rx, another way to test is with another servo you know to be working plugged in to the steering/channel 1 slot of the rx.

And if you don't have a spare rx or servo, try moving the servo to the 3rd channel and seeing if you can get movement there, generally there will be a button, dial or something that will allow you to trigger the rx to move the servo

Hopefully you can understand all that, and hopefully it solves your problem.

Edit: relized you had mentioned the tx, so looked it up, and changed the info in my post to suit