TXT-2 on 3S - good idea?

If it uses driveshafts and straight axles, discuss it here.
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TXT-2 on 3S - good idea?

Post by Peter_B » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:07 am

My TXT-2 is setup with a single Speed Passion MMM 13.5 motor (3300kv I believe) and a Hobbywing 10BL120 ESC. Gearing is stock although it does have TXT-1 wheels and Clod tyres fitted.

The other day I ordered a couple of 2S lipos, and while I was at it, I added a 3S to the order. Specifically because I thought the TXT might benefit from some extra juice.

Other than a quick test using NiMH I haven't really run the truck yet.

Is chucking the 3S in it a good idea?

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Re: TXT-2 on 3S - good idea?

Post by shadowfocus603 » Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:45 pm

Your electronics are up to the task. Just be sure to monitor motor temps and be prepared to run a smaller pinion or a larger spur if the motor gets too hot. And if the txt has any inherent weaknesses extra speed and power will find them. This coming from a contender for the title Captain Kaboom lol.