Best way to get a longer wheel base?

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Best way to get a longer wheel base?

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So I will be a new clod owner as of Monday and of course I'm not gonna leave it stock for long. I always liked the look of longer trucks. Is there a difference between using a stretched chassis for around a 13inch wb or just getting longer links for the suspension to stretch out the axles. I personally like the idea of having two batteries which I found a seller on eBay. But he makes many versions. He has a stock alum chassis with dual battery trays which mean I can use the stock body. Then he also makes stretched versions at diff lengths. Thanks guys!!

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Re: Best way to get a longer wheel base?

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If you are looking for a longer wheel base check out my build I am still working on. Its almost completed. I have 13.5 "WB on mine using the stock chassis.