My clod surprises for you guys!

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My clod surprises for you guys!

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So I traded 2 of my RTR crawlers for 2 vintage clods - 1 bone stock, the other is a Clodzilla 3 with lots of aluminum parts - it's all vintage. and I'm buying a pretty serious mod clod roller - all on Wednesday haha

Not sure what I plan to do with them.. I parted out my Flashback as I was sick of well not beating on it, and it breaking - went through 3 axle tubes - 2 within 15 minutes of each other, and then the rear gear case was it for it..

I still have the electrics/tires/axles from that truck so technically I am going from 1/2 a clod to 3.5 clods haha

No pics yet.. Probably til Thursday..

Stock clod will probably get restored to box art with reproduction decals from someone I can't mention (believe it or not Tamiya actually monitors for that type of stuff)- it's all vintage - Futaba receiver, Hitec transmitter, stock motors, has Chevy tail gate/grill

Zilla 3 will get a different body (Has a Hummer H1 and not a fan), has 4WS, Futaba radio, mod motors (unknown you'll know when I know), Tekin dual motor esc, ?JPS? aluminum wheels - also getting another set of wheels/tires with this deal.. (look like stock wheels with vintage Duratrax V spike tires)

Mod clod is the chassis designed by Danielle C, has 10t mod motors in it, so will probably get the EVX-2, Vertical servo mount/ rear steer lock out, and a body - probably a Parma Grave Digger since I've wanted one for awhile now..

I also have a 1987 release clod chassis, that I might make a budget build - XL5 ESC/ stock motors.. we'll see- figured out what do to with this - Wraith tube chassis with clod axles!

Other than that get them all in running shape..
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