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Re: Brushless motor

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Minotaur wrote:I have Hot Racing tubes and a combination of Integy & Hot Racing knuckles. The Hot Racing tubes have been fine, no issues at all but everyone seems to think the Integy's are a little better (be careful installing the bearings on the HR's). On the knuckles, the ClodTalk wisdom is that the Integy's are better, and I agree. The problem with the HR knuckles is that they use little plastic spacers to fit into the "C" of the axle tube. If and when a screw backs out, well, you lose the stupid plastic spacer. Plus, the arms on the HR knuckles are easier to bend. Note that the Integy knuckles have the steering stops, so you will likely need to dremel those off if using them on the front. Doesn't matter for the rear unless using rear steer. ... 3aa7c3e8b1 ... 2a4946bad9

It is tough (impossible?) to get reliability out of the Clod system with big brushless power. I ended up with an entirely aftermarket powertrain in an attempt to make it all work. CVD's were a big improvement since I kept breaking the stock axles (the little drive pins would always break). Both RC4WD and Thunder Tech (TTR) sell CVD's.

I went aftermarket on the gears too. Locked/metal gears in the back, and metal gears with a TTR ball diff in front. My issue was that I kept killing the little sun/spider gears. Basically, my Clod would lift one wheel off the ground in a turn, and the lifted wheel would start spinning very quickly. When that wheel came down, it usually broke the gears. I forget who it was, but another forum member diagnosed the problem for me. To fix it, I tried locking up the front axle with a locker gear from Hot Racing, but it made the steering almost impossible. The TTR ball diff solved it (if you get one, tighten it as much as you can). So, I usually break something other than the gearbox on my runs these days (steering is often an issue).

I had no luck using basically any Tamiya parts, but some on this forum are able to do it. Of course, I am trying to get similar bashability out of my Clod (30 - year old design) as compared with my brushless RC8T. Honestly, it is a losing battle. If you want to bash a brushless Clod, you are just going to break parts. Nothing like them when they work though.

Check out my build thread, and you can see all the trials, attempted fixes, and carnage. :explosion:

Good luck!
GhostTown wrote:
What brand of aluminum axle tubes/knuckles would be good? A brand available today.

I can't thank you enough for your post. Helps out a lot. I really appreciate it.

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Re: Brushless motor

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Sure! Best of luck with your build. If you get the XVD's, this was very useful for me.

Oh, and make sure to Loctite the little grub screws. There two per side if memory serves.