Adj. Motor Mount... How Do I Mount Them?

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Adj. Motor Mount... How Do I Mount Them?

Post by MrHorspwer »

Maybe I'm a complete idiot... but how do you mount adjustable motor mounts.

I am assuming you would mount the plate to the motor, then mount the motor/plate assembly to the axle. I'm pretty sure that's how they go since it fits fairly well. If I am wrong, please tell me.

The only problem I am having is that by adding the plate (roughly 5mm thick) to the motor, it pulls the pinion shaft away, requiring the pinion gear to be relocated further towards the end of the pinion shaft. Here's my problem... with the pinions I am using (32 pitch tamiya 13 tooth), I can't mount the pinion far enough out on the motor to get a good mesh. There is only like 1.5mm of gear contact. Am I doing something wrong or do I need a different pinion? I was planning on picking up a pair of Robinson 9 tooth pinions... are these pinions any longer?

Help :(

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Post by shagrat69 »

wierd place for this post but yes get the 9T and they fit fine!!!!

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Post by Stampede721 »

There's nothing weird about it at all, since RCGuy makes them.

You should be OK(site says it fits like 9-14 or 9-16 tooth), and as long as the grub screw it getting full or near full contact with the motor shaft, it should work fine. Just make sure it's nice and tight.
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