What is the first thing to go on a clod

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What is the first thing to go on a clod

Post by jjwolf »

I am new to clods and should be getting mine anyday now. just wondering what parts to stock up on. I want to go to inet chasis as soon as I can. But for the time Iam probabley going to get to know the truck. I know that it already has a front mount servo. I will want to add a rear servo too. It also has some alum shocks, i think he said they where traxxas big bores.

I have just been trying to research on everything some things i am not clear on but I guess I need to get the truck first.


Is there a weak link in the axles? Gears?



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Post by Demon_Knight »

The weakest part on a clod is the axles, more specifically, the C hubs(the ears of the axle that hold the turnbuckle). I'm so tired of breaking mine that I'm getting aluminium axles and gearcases but I think thundertech are making Delrin axle tubes again which are very strong! Maybe you can get them at http://www.rc4wd.com Gears should hold up fine, get some ball bearings as soon as possible, oil shocks, ESC and good motors. Should be fine with that.

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Post by Loaded_Heavy »

Well I don't know about the C hubs but I know the stock Clod Hubs are known as B parts.I also think the most important thing you should focus on is a Hi-torqe servos 2 if your going to have seprate servo mounts for the Clod.The Clod is made only to mount 1 servo.If your going to play with the truck for a while you know get to know it better as beening stock get a
Hi-torqe servo 2 of them the extra one you can use latter trust me when I say you will use it latter.As far as the axels go they are real strong as is you shouldn't worry about that.Unless maybe your going to jump it off the roof of your house.Also get a speed control that has no motor limit like maybe a SuperRooster or LRP F1 Pro Reverse you know what i'm saying just as long as it has a no motor limit.As far as motors go you should use buggy modified motors anything that people use in a buggy you know will work in the Clod you just got to get 2 of them.So if your looking to stock up on stuff for the Clod stuff theres a good list right there.All you need to do is pick the chassy that best fits your needs.If you are looking for a
Rock Crawling chassis and a chassis good for racing I would recamond the ThunderTech Ripper the carbon fiber version.It has also won many races too so that would be a good one.Well if you want or need more info just e-mail me at [email protected] I can help you with pretty much what ever Clod needs or parts you need.


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for motors get mod motors.buggy motors can be stock motors with timing.mods will be able to adjust the timing.the rear motor needs 0 degree timing and has to be the same with the front.cause the rear motor turns in the opposite direction from the front.oil filled shocks that you can get rebuild kits for.what do you want to do with the clod?race?bash?crawl?that will be a deciding facter for which chassis to get.also youcan get ttr axle support brace for the axle tubes after or when you upgrade to a mod chassis.can't be used with the stock chassis and stock links

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Post by Lowgear »

weakest part on a stock clod: the middle bottom of the chassis. The first thing I would get is an esp chassis brace :)

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Post by Snooptalian »

LOWGEAR wrote:weakest part on a stock clod: the middle bottom of the chassis. The first thing I would get is an esp chassis brace :)
I'll agree with that. That's the only part I ever had break on my old stock Clod.

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Post by antony_aiken »

if you drive anything like me............the body!!

no realy the first modification you should buy is batteries and a Supa Rusta!! (new spelling!) 8)
doesnt he think eh?... Jesus "W" Christ....... "DONT WANNA BE AN ALBANIAN IMMAGRANT"