Budget RC cars for kids?

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Budget RC cars for kids?

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Hi all, I'm new here.
Wondering if this is the right place. But can someone recommend some cheap but decent RC cars that I can buy for my 4 year old son. Don’t want to spend too much now and something I can buy from amazon.

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Steve C
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Re: Budget RC cars for kids?

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For a 4 yr old your biggest concern will be low speed and durable. I have never got into the toy grade cars/truck but a quick look on Amazon and I think something like this would probably be a good choice for a 4yr old https://www.amazon.com/YEZI-Terrain-Wat ... 81&sr=8-39

What it has going for it is low price, 2 batteries that each last 30-40mins so he'll get a solid hour of fun out of it to keep him busy, and from the videos of it it looks like it'd be just fast enough to keep his interest but yet slow enough you won't have to worry that he couldn't control it.
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