Rules for using ClodTalk!

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Rules for using ClodTalk!

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1 - By using this site, all members agree to the following rules, they apply to everyone, so be sure to read the entire list.

2 - No question pertaining to an R/C is stupid. We were all new to this at one point, please try to remember that. Answer the question, try to help, or move on.

3 - Topics:
Please start threads (discussion topics) in the proper area. The board is well laid out, so take the time to consider what you are posting, and where the best place to post it would be.

4 - Pictures and videos:
All R/C related pics and vids are fine, but any pics/vids showing anything above PG-13 content will not be tolerated. The Admin/Mods will be the final judge!

5 - Post content:
The posting of items depicting, expressing, or promoting the use of drugs, pornographic or adult materials, violent or vulgar content is strictly prohibited! There is no tolerance for this. The Admin/Mods will be the final judge of what is or is not acceptable and will edit posts as well as issue warnings to the offending parties. Breaking this rule may result in immediate suspension from ClodTalk without warning!

6 - Threats against other members, hateful, and/or racist postings will not be tolerated!

7 - Language:
This is a place to discuss the R/C hobby, it's not a place to flame or talk down to others, we are all here to help each other and if you have nothing good to say then please do not post. Due to young viewers, ClodTalk employs the use of language filters. It is in direct violation to attempt to bypass these filters by using smilies, asterisks (*), or any other keystrokes or symbols to imply swearing or vulgarity. What is considered foul language is highly subjective, err to the side of caution and do not use profanity at all. The Admin/Mods will be the final judge!

8 - Membership:
Multiple accounts are not allowed, if we find out you have more than one account, you, along with all of your accounts will be banned, this includes previously banned members who create a new account. No questions asked and no warnings will be given.

9 - Signature lines:
Banners and images in signatures are not allowed! This is to maintain the fastest load times and the least amount of screen clutter possible. Signatures are limited to text only.

10 - Avatars:
Personal Avatars are allowed to be uploaded to our forum. Rule #4 applies here.

11 - Profile Information:
After you register and log into this forum, you may fill out your profile information. It is your responsibility to present clean and accurate information. Any information we deem inaccurate or vulgar will be removed.

12 - Buy/Sell/Trade (BST) Access:
The BST is a private forum for members in good standing only!
For access to the B/S/T private message (PM) an admin with your date of birth (DOB).
(You must be at least 18 years of age to use the BST)

13 - Donations:
100% of your donation goes towards helping to pay for the monthly cost of our server. Donations can be made using our parent sites secure donation system located at

14 - The Admin reserves the right, based on these rules, to edit or delete ANY post or thread at it's discretion without warning!