Screw Loose Hardware mini review.

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Screw Loose Hardware mini review.

Post by vwjuice » Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:20 am

I got my bag of goodies from Mike and I must say......That's a lot of stuff for the money. I laid the small bags out on my Cowrc mat and yeah. That's alot of stuff.

I opened them up and looked at the screws, nuts, and washers. They are all really clean without any burrs. They came in handy today while I was working on my Kid's Slashes.

I like the amount of items you get in the bag and I love the price. It would have cost me at least double at the hardware store.

I really like the Logo as well. It's pretty cool.

I have talked with Mike about upcoming items in the future and hopefully things continue going well for this new venture so it can grow and have even more selection.

Now Mike, where are those Decals yet??? :mrgreen:
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