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Matt1PTKN's "Rigs"

Post by matt1ptkn » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:22 pm

Here are my (hopefully) clod talk worthy RCs:

First up is my Clodbuster. My 1st hobby RC. Got it when I was 8 in 1988. One of the best Christmas gifts I had received, or will ever receive. It remained stock for several years, and then as time went on, got modified and has been through many iterations. Currently a Clodzilla II with ESP cantilever suspension, homemade 4 link, ESP wheel wideners and twin brushed 550 mega monster motors on 3s. Some additional details in the thread here: viewtopic.php?f=52&t=30861
Clod F-250 Outside.jpg

Next is my Kyosho Blizzard DX. Can't remember the date I got this one, but it was also a gift at a young age. A fun vehicle to goof around with slowly, :lol: , but those darn tracks would always pop off so easily and be such a PITA to put back on.
DMMP Blizzard - Track Maintanence.jpg
Next I'll mention my brother's nearly stock Clod that's been in my possession for about a decade. Only mods are a RAM body, Trinity shocks, ESP life kit and ESP anti-rotation brackets. Still running the stock MSC and 72 MHz radio. Always fun when the MSC get stuck in forward! #-o
Stock Clod.jpg
For the heck of it, I'm going to include a Jrx-T, with JG wheels and Masher tires. Wide RPM front arms and rear links with the offset 5 link chassis mount. Super plush suspension and has that vintage monster truck conversion whine to it. 8)
DMMP Jrx-T Stadium Truck - Vintage.jpg
Here is my Axial SCX10 F250. More of a trail truck than a crawler, but it gets around well. Pretty much stock except for a few changes here and there. More detail in the thread here: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=31006
SCX10 F-250 - 1.JPG
And finally, my Traxxas EMAXX. Its a gen 1 3906 that originally came with the twin brushed titan 550s. I got it used a couple years back with broken bulkheads and a sweet Novak brushless system. It has more power than it can handle. Its fun to drive, but I'm always too worried about breaking it. :oops: Currently it has something slipping when in high gear. Not sure if its just the Robinson slipper or something in the transmission. It doesn't seem to do it in low gear. #-o
Traxxas EMAXX.jpg

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