DX4R pro and dual sidewinder ESCs

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DX4R pro and dual sidewinder ESCs

Post by rknaub » Tue Nov 04, 2014 8:36 pm

Dx4r pro, two sidewinder 3s, sr410 rx, CC BEC, clodbuster.

Y cable to the throttle channel won't work, both ESCs beep as if no rx detected. I have calibrated both endpoints independently plugged into throttle ch.

With one on thr ch, and one on aux2, I can get them both to work in MOA mixing, but have to go into the mix menu every time i power the truck back on, otherwise only the thr ch ESC arms, and the aux2 one doesn't... Just blinks red.

Generic dual thr mixing I can't get to work at all... Which is what I really prefer... Don't need dig on this truck.

Dx4r has latest firmware, as do both sidewinders. Red wire removed from both ESCs because of the BEC.

Any suggestions?
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