NEED ELECTRICAL HELP! DIY - 2.4Ghz Upgrade vintage Futaba TX

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NEED ELECTRICAL HELP! DIY - 2.4Ghz Upgrade vintage Futaba TX

Post by Luarana » Sun Jun 08, 2014 7:01 am

Hi All,

About to upgrade an Attack-SR to FrSky 2.4Ghz.

Just having a few issues because the RF components are part of the board instead of on a separate board.

Futaba Attack-SR FP-T2VR
FrSky DIY 2.4Ghz Module ... odule.html

1. Isolate PPM Signal to Feed into 2.4Ghz Module.
2. Disable old RF Circuit *Apparently will blow circuitry due to excess power usage*
3. Find VCC

I've located a rough schematic of the Attack-SR 'seems fairly accurate'

This is the component side of my Board/

This is the rear side of the board.

As far as i can work out.

I need to cut off power to the Crystal Oscilator circuit, and the 2 RF modules components underneath the antenna.

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