looking to buy a nitro mt

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Re: looking to buy a nitro mt

Post by Bolt_Crank » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:07 pm

TomT wrote:I've had 4? nitro vehicles, all Kyosho.

First was an older Super Ten on-road (actually this was my second r/c and first nitro, did not know poop about them) fast as all get out but tempermental, and died on a head on collison with a boulder (crystal vibrated loose and was WFO at the time) Have to say everything my fault basically.... nobody to show me the ropes either.

Second, Blizzard, very neat tracked vehicle, .12 engine ran flawless... linkages were not fun on the brakes or throttle ... blah , blah, blah. Engine was always willing while lots of other things were not... users fault (mine).

Third Mad Force, AWESOME MONSTER TRUCK, three speed gear box, fast as all get out, wheelied forever, beach running flawless (except for hitting big driftwood), had an issue with popping the rear driveshaft, that was fixed with a cv type unit from Kyosho. Engine was a .21 that ran when it wanted to... I read some stuff that this was the norm for this engine :( Buddy of mine had a tricked out Savage and thought my Mad Force was the cats meow even (when it ran) though he could not believe how simple it's design was.

Fourth (actually third time wise but it took me so long to build it became the fourth) LandMAx2. Fooking awesome! Based off their 8th scale buggy (suspensions was different :( ) everything was beef, had a different .21 from the Mad Force, started good, ran good, awesome, problem was it was so old by the time I built it I could not find replacement tires and wheels! (burnt them off in 2 days) Used parts off the Mad Force to fit 8th scale buggy tires and wheels and it rocked again... until I got it high centered on a rock and stripped the central driven gear through a clearance hole in the chassis plate :( Very nice car otherwise, their new 8th scale car uses everything from the buggies so it so be really nice. (currently sitting in a box in Minnesota waiting to be ressurected)


I may be getting a Kyosho STR roller for $100 soon... Already has a bunch of hop-ups and spare parts :lol: :mrgreen:
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