Two questions

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Two questions

Post by BigTrux » Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:46 pm

First of All:
Has anyone ever used a worm gear set to get the gear reduction they want? They create massive gear reduction. 50:1 no problem.

What gear ratio do most of you guys run for a crawler. I'm thinking of designing a gearbox for a nitro crawler. I just need a decent ball park ratio. I know the T-Maxx has something like 20:1, so I'm guessing I want something around 40 or 50:1.

I think I nitro crawler would be sweet, I'm incorporating a fan, a manual two speed gearbox (one gear for crawling, another for ripping it up 8) ). The center of gravity (along with the engine) will be real low. The overall look/chassis design will be coming from ideas I've been getting off these forums. Should be pretty sweet. I hope I can get it all designed and the gear made soon.

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Post by shagrat69 » Mon Apr 03, 2006 7:06 pm

sounds cool but it's highly NOT recomended that you use a nitro to crawl with. and if your gonna then i recomend a water cooled head from say a boat motor and some type of cooling system for it. a fan isn't gonna be enuf. and i would also say create some type of seprate brakeing system that you can control aside from the throttle.

worm drives have been played with abit. biggest problem with them is they do not roll at all. as in they only move when driven. there's no rollout once you let off the throttle they stop moveing. that can kill most gears/axles/parts.

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Post by Lowgear » Mon Apr 03, 2006 8:43 pm

You never see any gas crawlers for a reason... There is a grocery list of reasons. Im far to lazy to get into it. :P I would stick with electric if you want to do any kind of crawling. :)

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Post by BigTrux » Mon Apr 03, 2006 9:20 pm

I know there are no good nitro crawlers, mainly because they got no starting torque and need cooling. A worm gear set, creates enormous torque, which would solve that problem, I would just need a good clutch.

Cooling, yeah, I agree, I'd have to make a water cooling head of some sorts. Not hard, only a couple of hours on the lathe. I'm pondered the idea lots, that was gonna be my first project, but I moved out of the desert.

I think it'd be pretty sweet to get a nitro to crawl decently. Highly inefficient but cool none the less, and I'm trying to work with what I have in the closet, I cant exactly afford to drop over 400 bucks on batts, motors, esc and a good charger. Sure I could get it for cheaper but I wouldnt have a truck to put it in, I still need to fund the rest of the truck too.

What do you mean by a "seperate braking system". I was just gonna make a brake system like on the T-Maxx, (brake hex on the output...)but on the front and rear of the transmission, controlled by the negative input from the throttle servo.

Argh, I just clued in. I'd need reverse too, dang. Well there goes the nitro crawler idea. Looks like she ain't getting built. Can't buy all the electronics and make the truck. Too much dough.

Someone should try some more with worm gears. You can buy or have them made pretty cheaply and quickly by a gear cutting company, which any major city/industrial area has. Look it up in the phone book.

I think you'd be surprised at how compact and efficient gear reducers they are.

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