Savage drive train and engine thread

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Savage drive train and engine thread

Post by NorthernNightmare » Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:18 am

Hi, i got a few savages, one xl project and one X with upgrades, i wanted to make a one stop post on clodtalk to get all the answers when it comes to the savage platform.

- Do "all" 1/8th diffs fit the savage (im still trying to find the answer for this one) yes Cen unit's do, but what about kyosho inferno?

- Do all Big blocks engine fit ( yes so long as use the savage engine mount and correct flywheel...) might also have to flip the carb

- Can you convert a 2 speed to 3, yes just get the full install kit, or better yet the full trans kit if you can find one

- What do you need to convert to a xl? Just the frame TVP and rear drive shaft (the xl also has bigger cups and dog bones, 3 speed..) but not everything is needed

- Why dont the k and f engines use the same pull start? Answer because one the k series uses a internal one way while the other uses the external OWB same with the orginal f.1 nitro star 21, and 25 engines

- Can you mount clod tires, yes its easiest to just use imex jumbo wheels with either 14mm or 17mm hex

- Steering and toe-in-out slop fix, switch out stock junk for alloy bell crank with bearing, and get locked out rear caster blocks

- Are the drive shafts from Turkey on e-bay any good ? No idea But id like to know they are way cheaper :roll:

This is just a basic start so feel free to add any Q and A or even just question and someone will answer ( I will try to keep this updated) whenever i have extra time.

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