How rare is the Tamiya Mad Bison

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How rare is the Tamiya Mad Bison

Post by megafan88 » Sun Jan 31, 2016 5:38 am

Hi there everyone it's been a while. I was wondering does anyone know much about the Tamiya Mad Bison trucks? It is a .15 nitro powered 1/10 scale monster truck and looks very identical to wild daggers and twin detonators because it uses the same body, wheels and pin type tires. Where can parts be found and how common are these trucks. I posted about this back a while ago because I had got one boxed and sealed from tamiya on eBay from a hobby shop clearing old back shelf stock. Since I bought it about 6 years ago I've seen Mabey one built truck on eBay and never a sealed one again.

As far as I can research Tamiya has never re released this truck since 1999 when it was released and it hasn't been under another name. How rare is this truck should I open the box lol :o. I don't care about worth as I would not sell it either way at this point in my life, but if it truly shouldn't be opened because it's a collector then I would hate to open it and ruin that fun factor of owning it haha.

Here is my original post from a while ago:
I dont really have too many rc' I? ;p

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Re: How rare is the Tamiya Mad Bison

Post by SFC K » Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:44 pm

Interesting. I have not heard of it, so it must be pretty rare. Definitely a keeper! 8) If Tamiya ever re-releases, then I would, but the probability of a nitro re-re is pretty slim.

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Re: How rare is the Tamiya Mad Bison

Post by darat76 » Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:29 am

I also have not heard of this one. but I've never paid much attention to tamiya nitros

If it was mine I'd be looking for and collecting all the official hopup parts for it, and hiding them in the box

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Re: How rare is the Tamiya Mad Bison

Post by percymon » Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:39 pm

Less than twenty listed in the Tamiyaclub showroom.

Tamiya nitros weren't that popular, and quickly got overtaken by the T-Maxx/E-Maxx type trucks. It's only ever going to appeal to a Tamiya fan, and maybe its best value is as a NIB sealed kit.

Of course if you like nitros then it'd probably be a nice build process, but hugely devalued

Comment from TC..

Released 30/11/1999 the Mad Bison was a departure for Tamiya and perhaps showed the way that the company would go with it's future range of off road trucks. They took a TG-10 chassis and changed it considerably to make the Mad Bison and called it the TGM-01 chassis. A new more powerful FS-15LT engine was fitted, wider arms, different gear ratio, different chassis plate and an undercowl were fitted. The TM-5 muffler is also peculiar to this model only. The body was used on a few different kits including the Wild Dagger and Double Blaze with the tyres first being used on the Monster Beetle. Nowadays the hardest part to find are the decal set having long been discontinued. Not a popular kit when produced there doesn't seem to be many still in existence with only 20 or so listed on the site.

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Re: How rare is the Tamiya Mad Bison

Post by harrybullivant » Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:09 pm

I came across this thread because I've got a Mad Bison that I haven't used for some years (I haven't been into RC for a while). It's not getting much love sat in my cupboard.

Any suggestions on where best to find it a home? I see there is the trade page here, which may be more appropriate than ebay...?

Many thanks, Harry

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