Monster_Pirate_006 - resolved

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Monster_Pirate_006 - resolved

Post by bigkid » Thu Mar 13, 2008 1:18 am

made a trade a fair length of time ago with him. glad i had him ship 1/2 his end first. traded him 3 (almost complete) buggies, that i really had no interest in. for the TLT he had listed (think its still there) in the BST. well i got the truck, he got the buggies, then............notta! i was supposed to recieve a radio, n a bunch of misc. parts for the truck. never saw the second package, nor have i recieved a reply to several messages. nuttin :? :shock: dude, if you see this n decide to send the stuff, i'll take 'er down. maybe you were in an accident, right?!? :evil:
-UPDATE: he got back to me today, with a fair explanation of his situation. no harm no foul. stuff happens, n its not like either of us had any $$$ changing hands. just some misc. parts lost.
meh! watcha gonna do? :?
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