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Travis Wilkinson @ TRW

Post by Tug4090 » Wed May 21, 2014 2:23 pm

Anybody heard from him lately or spoken to him?

Paid him months ago to do a body for me. For a while, he would send me pics of the progress and was keeping in touch. Then nothing. Cant reach him by email or anything.

Last I heard from him was a good month ago and he said he just finished it and would be sending it out to me. Last I heard.

Anybody know anything? He seems to be reputable from what I was always reading about him.

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Re: Travis Wilkinson @ TRW

Post by Justinswraps » Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:21 am

I know this is way late. But I recently saw a post on Facebook that someone else had a bad deal with him. But it turns out the fella passed away.

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