WideSpread Power Outage

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WideSpread Power Outage

Post by CowboyClod » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:26 pm

A wind warning of 100km winds was issued from Environment Canada yesterday morning for Southern Ontario Area but left us Northern Ontario people with no real indication at all. Thanks to CBC radio for for going around us. And wouldn't you know it our power went out as soon as I got back from taking my wife to work and getting my daughter on the school bus at my folks. Worst part is the van is in the garage and I cant get in through the side door of the garage because its locked with dead bolt with expansion metal across the window of the door and a picnic table in front up against of the door inside the garage. Once the dang power gets back on I will change the door knob with security lock door knob set. The dang previous owner did a crappy job installing the door and was not very well secured to prevent from being broken into if it ever did happen. So as yesterday and today I cant get in the garage to pull the release rope from the electric door opener. I was stranded all day yesterday I could not leave to pick the wife up from work and I had to get a hold of my folks to meet the School bus and get a hold of a friend to pick up my wife from work and then go pick up my daughter to bring back to our place. No internet connection, Basically totally nothing is on. Being that my dad came to get us this morning and very smart as a electrician he seen the switch hanging down on the pole line before arriving on our private road that our house is on. We stayed over night at our place and toughed it out and the temperature dropped down 52F over night from 68F and man the floor was cold that I put four pairs of socks on this morning. We have three Budgies in flight cage I just hope they will make it through. Its pretty easy when you have dog or cat but getting birds out of cage and into a box is another story all together. Easier to take them out of the cage when it dark because they cant see your hand and there more relaxed. We are praying that the power gets back on tonight.

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