Rogue Element Release of Three NEW 'Super-Scale' wheels 1.9"

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Rogue Element Release of Three NEW 'Super-Scale' wheels 1.9"

Post by SFC K » Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:44 pm

Posting this Notification For Chris C. I received a release email from him yesterday so if your interested email him. I have purchased wheels from him in the past and his work is top notch! On with the product info...

"These are solid 6061-T6 Billet, 12 mm. Hex drive, Zero Offset. Outer Dia: 2.125" Bead : 1.9" Thickness: .1.0" They accept any 1.9" tyre, of which there are many, of all sizes and treads. Prototype units are shown with 3 different sizes (Tyres not included.)

These really are the ultimate 1.9" scale wheel available, and not everybody can get 'em once they're sold out, unlike other wheels! There are THREE styles, '10-hole', '8-Slot' , and Solid (Not shown.) With tyre options, these can go on any 4WD rally car, truck, maybe SCT? and will make it more scale than any other single thing you can do. Once these are in your hand, you'll get it- I've said before, and my customers for the 1.55's agree, that pics don't do these justice.

All that is required to get on the cut list is a non-refundable deposit of $5 by clicking under the pics below by December 30th. (Provided they are not sold out, natch.) I will then send you a 'Balance Due' (to the SAME Paypal address-Mandatory) the deposit came from, just before they're ready to ship! Easy!

Be SURE I have your shipping address WITH YOUR DEPOSIT/PAYMENT. Simply click under the pics below with the CORRECT description, and change the quantity & add Int'l. shipping ($12 per set) as needed. For 'Solid' wheels, or if link is not working, simply Email me & I'll hook you up.
•Remember these are LIMITED TO 90 SETS, so sooner is better! The cutoff date is NOT a guarantee this time!
•Price per complete set is 119.99 (Includes shipping in US) FOR $10 off, see below!
•Do NOT send as 'Gift', and be SURE I have your shipping address!
•Only US Dollars accepted (Duh)
•Ship date is 'Estimated', as I never know how many I'll be making
•International orders must be charged $12 PER SET shipping

HOW TO GET AN INSTANT DISCOUNT - Only 109.99 Per Set! Incredible!

•To pay only 109.99 for each set purchased, you may buy outright (No deposit,) Payments (Including shipping of $12/set for Int'l.s) may be made by sending to my PP address of OR by using the Correct link below- Make SURE I know EXACTLY what you want (if not using the link) to avoid unfun surprises.


We are a specialty manufacturer that does not maintain an inventory, and most items are never re-done again. Please submit your payment by midnight the 30th of Decenber (12 days): I'll already be cutting, so if you're not on the cut list, you'll likely miss out.

To be sure to be notified of new releases in time, have your buddies go to & sign up for my private mailing list: And you can simply click the 'Forward Email' button & they'll thank you for it, as will I.
Feel free to Email with any questions or suggestions, I value customer input! "

Many Thanks,
Chris Cazan
Rogue Element Components
Paypal/Email address:

You can PM him here as well, his user id is: toyranosaur
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