Making youtube vids work in your old topics

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Making youtube vids work in your old topics

Post by andymac0035 » Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:50 am

Some of you may have noticed that vids you put up using the preview window tool for youtube no longer work. :o
When we updated the site to the current layout, that tool had to be re-done. As a result of this. vids done with the old tool no longer work. :(

You can however, fix this in all your older thread/topics if you want to, or you can ask us for help doing it, but we will need a link, as there are too many vids posted here to find/do them all.

Basically you have to find your post that should have a vid, but doesn't because it was posted under the old format.
Hit the edit tab on your post, now you should see the "youtube code with the [ ] brackets.

What comes next will seem a little odd.... BUT it works, so bear with me...

Copy JUST the code between the "youtube" brackets, but NOTHING else.
Now below that, hit the youtube tab to get a new set of "youtube" words/brackets.
Now past the code you just copied between the new youtube brackets.
Now you basically have what looks like the same vid posted twice.
Now hit "submit"

This should get you back your topic, and your post will now have TWO working vid windows.

Now.... you can leave it like that, or go back to the edit tab again, and get rid of the OLDER (original) vid window.
Yes, this seems silly, as the code you just inserted looks exactly the same as what was already there.
However, so far this is the only way I have found to fix vids posted under the old format.

But more important thing is..... it works. :)

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