agrios and mini

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agrios and mini

Post by darat76 » Sun May 29, 2016 12:30 pm

I find myself in need of some information help, and parts help.

I have 2 projects in the pipeline, first is a hilux high lift that percymon has helped in pointing out what to look at changing from the stock kit, many thanks for that percymon. After that is a TXT-2 agrios. After building the clod and finding things weren't quite as I'd hoped out of the box I decided to get a jump start on correcting the issues with the txt-2. My intention is to have a monster truck that can do good speed, handle jumping around like a lunatic, and have a suspension setup that actually articulates (like my race truggy does) instead of bouncing on the tyres all the time (like my clod does).

First things first, it will be running full bearings, it will not be built without them, none of my rc's since getting back into the rc world have been built without them. 8)

I intend to run proline brawlers and destroyers with the 17.5mm offset, this is the only thing I know will happen with the truck when I get it.
For powering the truck, I'm undecided between a 540 long brushless motor used in the likes of competition 10th scale 4wd sct's running on a 2s or 3s lipo, a brushless combo used for 8th scale truggy racing mated to a 2,3,or 4s lipo, or a pair of brushed motors powered by the likes of the traxxas evx 2 linked into a 2 or 3s lipo. The choice will be limited by clearances for the motor, and finding the gears to fit the trans of the kit and the shaft of the brushless motors. Could an owner of a stock txt-2 do me the favour of measuring the clearance between the motor and chassis side rails, as well as the amount of space behind the motors please and thank you.

For shocks I like the cantilever setups, but is this possible with the txt-2? if not, should I just stick with the kit cva's with soft springs and thin oil, or go for alloy ones also running soft springs and thin oil so that the suspension absorbs the bumps rather than bouncing on the tyres like I tend to see in videos.

I'm fairly sure this sort of thing has been covered, but unless I strike on just the right wording for a search, I end up with pages of results about the why and how a change or mod was made, but not the actual end result of the changes, or the goal of such changes.

Finally, a brief diversion out of monster truck and off road territory, I'm looking to get in contact with people, and/or onto a website, that has or deals with parts for taimya's M-01 chassis, if anyone can help me out on this, sending me a pm would be great thanks, diversion ended.

Thanks in advance for any information, suggestions, or recommendations, and once I get the projects on my work desk, photos will ensue :)

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