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Post by Bill Krueger » Fri Dec 22, 2006 8:51 am

hexus wrote:Well, I guess time for a little more history lol...

Many years ago, there was a website called R/C Car Talk. My ex had wanted a website, and I was new to web programming so I thought I'd see if I could set a simple one up (we're talking like a header & 2 pictures lol). Which I could. Well, this grew to online contests, a magazine, Team RCCR, and a TON of other things, so I showed him how to "view source" very early on so he could do his own thing with it (it was rather cumbersome - being basic html without javascript or php, etc)...

He had a guy there named PJ who wanted a posting board for JUST Clods... so one was set up for him... not real glamorous, but without PJ, never would've started. :shock:

Can always go check it out on if u know the URLs lol
Later Taters

ClodTalk history as best I can figure.....

From my News records on it appears I took over ClodTalk in November of 2001. At that time it had been moved to due to the old site not working on a free forum site. Old school text based very poor forum style. At that time I used YABB Forum. An old CGI script forum. At this time we were being hosted by

Some where in this time, I decided to make file uploading an option for users since not everyone had websites, or money for image hosting. I think CT was one of the first to offer this option. I'm not even sure if any other forum offers this option today!

In November of 2002 ClodTalk moved to its own and current domain of today. We also changed web hosts around this time to DreamHost

In February/March of 2004 ClodTalk was too popular and YABB forum had to be decommissioned. It took up way too much of the shared web servers resources. So the forum was switched to the phpBB that you see today.

In April of 2004 ClodTalk moved to an old dedicated server that DreamHost had available for me. They gave me a discount of $50 off per month from their standard dedicated hosting plan! This servers name was Mushroomhead. (yes I named it after my favorite band)

Somewhere in 2004 (Feb. I think), ClodTalk started selling decals made by the now mia superjay5. These vinyl decals were of excellent quality! I believe I sold over 200 sets (600 sheets). But they ended when superjay5 went MIA, I still have no clue where he is today.

In Nov of 2004, shagrat69 & wrangler with the craving for ClodTalk decals, went out and had an ubber amount of them made. They were not of the same quality or style as the originals. But we still love them!

In Dec of 2004, was hacked for the first time due to a vulnerability in phpBB. The NeverEverNoSanity WebWorm was the cause.

In Oct of 2005, had its first batch of T-shirts made. These sold pretty quick, and why another batch hasn't been done is beyond me. We still have some available in our Shop

In Feb of 2006, DreamHost moved ClodTalk to another server. The old one had worn out. Most people didn't notice anything, but we had been experiencing a few problems with down time on the old server.

In March of 2005, I started giving email accounts to any member who donates $30 or more at one time.

As far as I can come up with, this is CT's history from when I took it over till now. Some items may have been left out, if you know of any.... let me know. I do remember Rogue producing ClodTalk license plates for R/C's. But I do not remember when these were introduced. (From what I see, there still in stock).

What does the future hold for CT? Well these are my goals for the next few years:

-Bring back the decals from Shag, but sold by
-Get the old style decals made up again
-Another batch of T-shirts. Flex Fit Caps
-Update the forum Look
-Offer some Clod buster parts at discounts to members.

As you can see, I do not plan on going anywhere.

Id like to thank DreamHost for being so friendly and helpful with this site. Without them, CT would be gone or costing way too much more me to handle. If anyone needs good quality hosting at an affordable price, visit them!

Also, this site would be nothing with out its members. Names and faces change over the years, but we normally have a good group of people here. You guys make this place what it is!

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