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Image Editing Software

Post by Bill Krueger » Sun Sep 18, 2005 6:49 am

I have found a free photo resizer software for you guys to use. It may not be the best one out (I only looked at a few) but it is 100% free!

Please note, that you are downloading this at your own risk! I keep my PC up to date on its virus definitions, but you never know! So please update your anti-virus program before downloading!

The program can be found here: software/PhotoResizer.exe
The file is 1.1 meg's and is only for Windows!

This program is pretty easy to use and pretty self explanitory!

Follow the numbers on the program,

1) Open up the image you want to be resized!
2) Set the width (Set to 600 and let the height auto fill in. 600 is a good size for
3) Click the button
4) Save As (unfortunatly it doesnt save itself as the original file, so save it some place, it will be the resized image!)
5) Not needed for ClodTalk

Its that simple! The image below is what the software looks like!
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